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Calvados (14)

Genettais Nurseries   Saint-Contest - Calvados (14) - Normandy

Genettais Nurseries

Genettais Nurseries : After 31 years of experience, the Genettais nurseries have adapted to progress, at the same time keeping to traditional...

Nurseries Couleurs Jardin Clinchamps   Clinchamps-sur-Orne - Calvados (14) - Normandy

Nurseries Couleurs Jardin Clinchamps

Nurseries Couleurs Jardin Clinchamps : At Couleurs Jardin Clinchamps, we are specialized in the production of flowering plants and vegetables....

The Ramette Nurseries   Marolles - Calvados (14) - Normandy

The Ramette Nurseries

The Ramette Nurseries are a family business. On 48 hectares of open ground and 12 hectares of soilless culture, we grow plants for exterior spaces....

Pépinière de Tupot   Saint-Germain Langot - Calvados (14) - Normandy

Pépinière de Tupot

Vegetal Harmony - Horticulturist and Nurseryman   Caumont-sur-Orne - Calvados (14) - Normandy

Vegetal Harmony - Horticulturist and Nurseryman

Eure (27)

Le Roumois Nurseries   Bourgtheroulde - Eure (27) - Normandy

Le Roumois Nurseries

Ludivine's Greenhouses   Duranville - Eure (27) - Normandy

Ludivine's Greenhouses

Lemire-Flowers   Incarville - Eure (27) - Normandy


Manche (50)

Greenhouses St Georges Horticulture Pavard   Saint-Georges-Montcocq - Manche (50) - Normandy

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Greenhouses St Georges Horticulture Pavard

Greenhouses St Georges Horticulture Pavard : The company Aux Serres de St Georges' specialty is culture and selling of various species of plants....

The Elle Nurseries   Villiers-Fossard - Manche (50) - Normandy

The Elle Nurseries

The Elle Nurseries were created by Gilbert Anquetil 30 years ago. They offer a very large range of traditionally grown trees and bushes from...