Ô Flor et Sens Nursery - La Ferté-Macé (61) - Orne - Normandy - France

Ô Flor et Sens Nursery La Ferté-Macé - Orne (61) - Normandy

Ô Flor et Sens : Nurserywoman and producers in the Orne (61) department, at la Ferté-Macé, we have specialized in the production of perennials, aromatic and medicinal plants, but also rare and original plants. Our offer includes also dwarf or small-sized trees and shrubs. We invite you to come and awaken your senses through contact with plants. Come and:
- Admire the land of perennials, aromatic and medicinal herbs, shrubs...
- Smell the perfumed plants (flowers or leaves), the aromatic and medicinal herbs, the roses...
- Taste the land of herbs and small fruit...
- Touch the leaves of the plants of Ô Flor et Sens...
- Partake of our ideas, our recipes, tricks and tips, or ask for advice...
Specialties : tree and bushes ; fruit trees ; plants with perfume ; aromatic plants ; plants for the shade ; hedge trees ; peat plants ; perennials ; christmas trees
Sales types :

  • mail order selling (VPC)
  • sale on site (VSP)
  • by appointment (RDV)
  • Selling to private persons
  • Selling to professionals

  • Opening

    Summer: July only by appointment; August annual closure.
    Spring and Autumn: Monday and Wednesday by appointment; open from Thurday to Saturday from 9,30 to 12 am and from 2 to 6 pm; closed on Sundays.

  • Deliveries and orders :

    Delivery possible over 20 kms.

  • Access :
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 48.623085000, -0.360773000