February hollidays, Les Jardins du Château du Lude (72) - France

15/02/2021 to 07/03/2021 February hollidays

Les Jardins du Château du Lude - Le Lude - Sarthe (72) - Pays-de-la-Loire


During the holliday, have a great family walk in the park of The Château du Lude!
The spring has not come yet, but as the days lengthen, the nature slowly awakes in the undergrowth.
In the gardens, the first bud are showing, and the snowdrops and hellebores are blooming. In the spring garden, some early flowerings perfume the air.
Il the fields and on the Loir river, wild birds can be seen from the walk in the lower gardens: herons, swans, cormorants, etc.
In the park, the Soay sheeps pasture, waiting for the spring and the birth of the lambs.
For the children, two mazes, the moat and the underground tunnels are a perfect playground.
Informations :
Park and shop open from 15th February to 7th March, every day except on wednesday.
• Hours : 2pm - 5.30pm
• Prices : adults 7€ / children (7-15) 4€ / students 5,50€

Practical information

City : Le Lude
County : Sarthe (72)
Address : Château du Lude
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February hollidays, Les Jardins du Château du Lude (72) - France