The hydrangea nursery of Haut Bois - Taupont (56) - Morbihan - Brittany - France

The hydrangea nursery of Haut Bois Taupont - Morbihan (56) - Brittany

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The hydrangea nursery of Haut-Bois is situated in central Brittany, in a park of 13 ha, where the natural environment and the hydrangea areas complete each other and form a spectacular ensemble.
More than 750 species, varieties and cultivars are grown directly in the earth.
The varieties are of North American, Mexican, South American, Chinese, Nepalese, Korean, Japanese… origin.
The productions are obtained by scions.
Unique in Europe, the nursery sells on site and by correspondence from young plants up to more than 20-year-old specimens, which are cultivated directly in the earth.
The hydrangea nursery of Haut-Bois is the only nursery in Europe to propose such a large choice of rare and collection hydrangea varieties. Created in : 1988
Surface : 13 hectares
Specialties : Cut flowers ; Sea-side plants ; Peat plants ; Climbing plants ; Hedge trees
Collections : Hydrangea : 750 varieties


Sales types :

  • mail order selling (VPC)
  • sale on site (VSP)
  • by appointment (RDV)
  • Selling to private persons
  • Selling to professionals

  • Opening

    From Monday to Saturday from 9 to 12,30 a.m. and from 2 to 5,30 p.m.
    (The nursery is closed on Saturdays from November to February, except on appointment).
    Open doors : July 9 to July 17, (Sunday included), from 9 am. to 7 pm. without interruption.

    Our sales by correspondence catalogue can be obtained at the price of 8 Euros, which are reimbursed at the first order. Send order + cheque.

  • Open-air market :

    17/03/2019 : Marché régional aux plantes, Andel (22), Le dimanche 17 mars de 9h à 18h
    From 30/03 to 31/03/2019 : Foire aux plantes rares à SAINT PRIEST (69)
    From 6/04 to 7/04/2019 Fête du printemps à Crécy la Chapelle (77)
    From 12/04/2019 to 14/04/2019 : Fête des plantes de printemps au Château de Saint Jean de Beauregard (91)
    From 20 to 21/04/2019 : Fête des jardins au Château de Pommorio à Tréveneuc (22)
    From 11/05 to 12/05/2019 : Foire aux plantes rares de Bezouotte (21)
    From 25/05 to 26/05/2019 : 32eme éditions des journées Doullennaises des jardins d'agrément, Doullens (80)
    From 1/06 to 2/06/2019 : Entre Ville et Jardin Bagnoles de l'Orne (61)
    From 7/06 to 10/06/2019 : 18ème édition des journées de la rose- Abbayes de Chaalis (60)

    Do not hesitate to place an order at the nursery, we will take your hydrangeas to the plant fair for free.

  • Access :
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 47.954318000, -2.434784000