Peony Nurseries Tricot - Orléans (45) - Loiret - Centre-Val-de-Loire - France

Peony Nurseries Tricot Orléans - Loiret (45) - Centre-Val-de-Loire

Peony Nurseries Tricot : The firm Pivoines Alain Tricot at Orléans in the Loiret (45) department is specialised in the production and sale of peonies and iris for professional and private clients. Since 1985, Alain Tricot has been passionate about peonies. He started out buying theTURBAT collection, with forty varieties. Today, he has enriched and updated his collection and owns almost 250 varieties.
Thanks to its clay-silty soils in the ancient bed of the Loire, Orléans is the perfect place for growing peonies.
Herbaceous peonies are perennial plants, easy to cultivate, very hardy, with simple, half-filled or filled flowers, that love a sunny exposition and a not too humid soil. Surface : 7 ha Specialties : perennials
Collections : Iris ; Peony (Paeonia) : 250 varieties

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