Le Lestin Nurseries - Muzillac (56) - Morbihan - Brittany - France

Le Lestin Nurseries Muzillac - Morbihan (56) - Brittany

Welcome to the website of the Le Lestin Nurseries, actives in the South of Brittany for the last 35 years, always true to the family spirit that has been their driving force since the beginning.
Based on this experience, we have developed a range of 1500 references of outdoor plants of all sizes.
Facing the new competition of the big sales companies, we take ever greater care about the quality of our produce and the whole of our offer.
Of course, a client in need of advice will have all the information they need for their plants to thrive.
Making the choice to buy one's plants in a nursery means to stick to the principle that every plant belongs to the world of agriculture and not to the universe of industry. Created in : 1976 Specialties : tree and bushes ; fruit trees ; trees big height ; bamboos ; olea ; sea-side plants ; hedge trees ; peat plants ; climbing plants ; mediterranean plants ; perennials ; roses
Collections : Olea
Sales types :

  • sale on site (VSP)
  • Selling to private persons

  • Opening

    Opening hours 9 am to 12,30 and 2 to 6 pm, except on Sundays.
    FREE delivery during containment.

  • Access :
    Littoral Space Zone - Across from Carrefour Market.
    Large private parking.
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 47.558906000, -2.504443000