Brenelia Niwaki - Machecoul (44) - Loire-Atlantique - Pays-de-la-Loire - France

Brenelia Niwaki Machecoul - Loire-Atlantique (44) - Pays-de-la-Loire

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Brenelia Niwaki : Yves Brenelière nurseryman, I created in 1976 the moving pine trees.
Since 1976, when I opened my nursery, I have never ceased to search for whatever can give, in my own gardens and in my suggestions to my clients, heighten a sense of serenity.
I groom my trees in the Niwaki style because it's passion that gives me a lot of peace. This techique asks for enormous thoroughness and care. It's an attention and an engagement, a convention and a link between nature and myself.These trees that I have known for a long times, some of them for twenty years, are not structured any old way. I lead them as they lead me. I aim, however, to give them the form of an old tree close to which I love to come and ressource myself. Created in : 1976
Surface : 3 Ha
Specialties : tree and bushes ; garden bonsaïs ; Japanese Cloud Trees
Collections : Niwaki
Sales types :

  • sale on site (VSP)
  • by appointment (RDV)
  • Selling to private persons
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  • Opening

    By appointment only at the production nursery.

  • Access :
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 46.980014000, -1.808678000