Genech Institute - Nord (59) - Hauts-de-France

Genech Institute Genech - Nord (59) - Hauts-de-France

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Genech Institute is a higher general, technical and professional teaching institution taking students from O-Levels to engineer diplomas. Other than training for space management and horticulture, the institute offers formations in the domains of trade, distribution, agriculture and breeding, agro-alimentary produce, market gardening, management, and horse related professions.
Three possible ways of learning: school, apprenticeship, adult formation.
Situated at the gate of Lille urban centre, on over 200 acres, the institute gives priority to teaching close to the realities of working life, in partnerships with professionals and training period overseers.
An entirely renovated boarding school of 800 beds is open to students from other regions. Regular bus services transport the 1800 students to and from Genech institute every day. The site of Lesquin is open only to alternating training courses and engineering studies. Numerous pedagogical and technical facilities (4 training farms on site) allow our students a very concrete way of learning from training certificates to higher diplomas.

  • Student's bureau : Boarding school, Half pension, External tuition
  • Pedagogical equipment : Documentation, Foyer socio-éducatif, Old students' association
  • Sports equipment : Football, Volley ball, Rugby, Handball, Bagminton, Horse-riding
  • Access :
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 50.528355000, 3.206651000