Park and Garden of Pont-Chevron Castle - Ouzouer-sur-Trézée (45) - Loiret - Centre-Val-de-Loire - France

Park and Garden of Pont-Chevron Castle

Ouzouer-sur-Trézée - Loiret (45) - Centre-Val-de-Loire - France

After four years of construction work, the Count and Countess Louis d’Harcourt moved in 1900.
The architect COULON, very well-known in the 19th century, was inspired by 18th century plans hence the harmonious proportions of Pont-Chevron. It includes a set of buildings (the castle, the stables…) surrounded by a 9 hectares garden “à la française” decorated with NELSON sculptures, a rose garden and a vegetable garden with its large greenhouse.
Access to the castle is via the Receptions rooms placed opposite, overlooking the main courtyard and including the stables, the chapel, and the gîtes..
Behind the castle, the gaze is lost on a perspective of 2.5 km above a 27 hectares lake lined with hundred-years-old trees offering to visitors a lovely walk.
The Pont-Chevron site is historically very rich as illustrated by:
⁃ Gallo-Roman mosaics from the 2nd century AD discovered during the construction of the castle and exhibited since 1963
⁃ The remains of a dungeon dating from the 12th century, on the shore of the lake
⁃ The chapel in which the long list of parish priests leaves us some testimonies
The French-style park created by Count Louis d’Harcourt, or classic garden with trimmings and amenities, expresses the pure classicism in the art of gardens, with a continuous search for perfection.
The location of the castle offers a harmonious and soothing perspective on the water, which extends towards the horizon.
Count Louis D’Harcourt used to say: “My gaze is on tranquillity and I am serene looking at my park and my lake. “
His aesthetic wishes for plants and statues are directly inspired by the northern Italy gardens. It smartly inserts the garden into the landscape while maintaining the concern for perfect beauty. Terraced, regular, often linear, it gives a lot of space to water and the perspective it offers.
Created in : 1900

  • Opening 2024 :
    Open all year.
  • Visits :
    Guided visits with previous booking , Duration of a guided visit : 1h, Minimal number of persons for a guided visit : 10 .
    Access adapted for disabled persons.
    Reservation groups
  • Charges :
    On site: 12 Euros/person
    In presale: 10 Euros/person
    Free for children under 12 years old
  • Services :
    Public lavatory, Tree nursery, Refreshment stall and sweet shop, Fastfood-Restaurant, Lectures, Wi-Fi Access, Children's workshops, Workshops garden, Pedagogical presentations, Dog admitted if kept on a lead, Carpark arranged, Exhibition visitation.
  • Access :
    Pont Chevron Castle is located in Loiret, in Ouzouer-sur-Trézée (45250).
    south-east of Orléans, 1h30 from Paris.
    Easy access by the A6 / A77.
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 47.688729000, 2.766128000