Champ-de-Mars Park in Paris - France

Champ-de-Mars Park

Paris - Paris (75) - Ile-de-France - France

Champ-de-Mars Park in Paris : This 24 ha park, open day and night, gets all its measure in the alignment and perspective with the Eiffel Tower.
This French garden, with straight alleys and vast lawns, offers moments of relaxation away from the bustle of the city to both Parisians and tourists. You can find centenary trees like this nettle tree from Provence or this pterocary, more than 35 meters high.
Sculpture is well represented by numerous bronze statues of famous men, a 1927 Antoine Bourdelle bust of Gustave Eiffel among them.

  • Opening 2023 :
    Every day of the week.
  • Charges :
    Free entrance.
  • Access :
    Métro : Ecole Militaire. RER : Champ-de-Mars.
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 48.855680000, 2.298104900