The most beautiful parks and gardens of France : Tourist guide
The most beautiful parks and gardens of France : Tourist guide

Visit a park or garden in France

Travel in France and visits of Parks and Gardens !
Tourist guide of the most beautiful parcs, gardens, French gardens in France open to public visits - presentation in 7 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian).
Trustworhy addresses concerning where to sleep, where to eat, other sights to see, communicated by the parks and gardens themselves, will help you to plan your stay and your days even more completely.

The calendar of outings and events concerning gardens, botanic, nature and environment :
Horticultural and botanical events in the gardens, agricultural events, celebrations of nature and gardening, plant markets and bazaars, exhibitions and concerts in the gardens, open days of Horticultural and Landscaping Schools, and open days of Agricultural schools. Direct online inscriptions free of charge.

The garden professionals :
Garden nurseries, Tree nurseries and plant suppliers in France, landscape architects and firms in France, presented with a precise search engine by specialities and region.

Schools and Training :
The Horticultural and Landscaping Schools in France and the Agricultural Schools in France are presented with a search function permitting to find a school for a specific training course or landscaping profession, or a particular agricultural training.

Our services :
Small advertisements about gardening and nature, free of charge: gardening material, agricultural material, jobs in horticulture and landscaping, jobs in agriculture, etc..(put up your advertisement free of charge).
The Forum of gardens and gardening, where amateur and professional gardeners can exchange, ask questions and find answers about anything concerning gardening, botanic, ecology, environment.
The links to our favourite sites.
The gardening calendar : month for month with everything there is to do in the garden !

The library :
The library provides the most recent books on gardening, garden, plants, nature, environment, ecology, health, ecological habitat, animals, kitchen garden.

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