MFR Chevanceaux Forêt-Environnement - Chevanceaux (17) - Charente-Maritime - Nouvelle-Aquitaine - France

MFR Chevanceaux Forêt-Environnement

The MFR is a private school, combining apprenticeship and classes.
Our training methods bring students into permanent contact with their future profession, since they will do internships and different practical activities.
Every student will be offered the special training and follow-up she or he needs.

Orientation 10th grade
11th grade in Nature, Garden, Landscape, Forest
A-Levels Forest
Training Diploma as Machine Driver in the Recycling Industries
Training Diploma as Cleanliness and Hygiene Employee
Adult training in the domains of environment and forest

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  • Student's bureau : Boarding school
  • Pedagogical equipment : Documentation, Foyer socio-éducatif
  • Sports equipment : Football, Volley ball, Rugby, Handball, Kayaking, Athletic sports
  • Access :
    Very easy access by the N10. We organize bus shuttles from Coutras and Jonzac for students who arrive by train.
    GPS (Lat x Long) : 45.302975000, -0.233584000